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All of our products are certificated by ISO9002、QS9000、ISO/TS16949. Also, we provide a systematic management from planning and design, procurement, production, sales, customer information and the market tracking.

Product design quality control: we have established a product quality planning group. By using FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis), QFD (Quality Function Deployment), DOE (Design of Experiments), PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and other control methods to supervise the whole process of production.

Quality control of raw materials: We implement a scheme of procurement quality control: To establish a supervision system that can check the product quality, delivery time, service and quality management system and so on. Moreover, we ensure the Physical properties and the chemical ingredients of the raw materials compliance with the requirements by conducting a series of detections.

Manufacturing process control: we implement a comprehensive monitoring of the production process, such as drawing up detailed operational documents and using control plans, FMEA and other methods, to recall means of control, procedures, training needs, equipment, methods of operation, quality targets within the process to be identified and controlled, in order to achieve our intended goals.

Continuous Improvement: The company has established a network-based information management platform that can in a timely manner to undertake qualification assessment on the product quality, service quality and receive feedback; and the continued implementation of technology and management innovations and other improvement projects fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativeness of its employees, continuing to improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

To guarantee the quality of products, we carry out a number of quality engineering as follows:
(1) Capacity analysis   (2) Quality Plan
(3) Control charts           (4) the Management of Quality Information System (5) Statistical sampling         (6) Quality inspection
(7) The classification of the product characteristics
(8) SPC(Statistical Process Control)  (9) Engineering controls
(10) Experimental design        (11) Quality Cost Analysis       (12) MSA(Measurement System Analysis)

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